“Without a doubt, the Rolls-Royce of wine courses.”

How does it work?

Extreme Wine is designed to be more than a typical wine course. Join a small and exclusive group of international wine lovers for five days of total immersion: lectures and workshops, tastings of exceptional wines, hands-on activities in the winery and vineyard, and wonderful wine games.

We emphasize quality and method of instruction to ensure that learning will stay with the participants for the rest of their lives. Complete the course with globally recognised Intermediate Certification by the prestigious WSET, as well as our proprietary Chêne Bleu Extreme Wine Certification.

Why does the ChĂȘne Bleu Extreme Wine Experience base its curriculum on the WSET?

The Extreme Wine course provides a systematic framework for tasting and evaluating wine. It is designed around the prestigious Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Intermediate Award because the curriculum is well-balanced and touches on most essential topics of wine knowledge.

What is the WSET?

It stands for The Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is the foremost internationally recognized body in the field of wines and spirits education. It provides consistent levels of wine knowledge everywhere.

Is there more than one level of certification?

The Wine & Sprit Education Trust offers 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The Intermediate level includes the Basic information but goes beyond, so it is not necessary to have previously earned the Basic certification.

What is the WSET Intermediate Award in Wines and Spirits?

It is an official certificate recognized globally. It presents a condensed but thorough overview of all the major grape varieties and wine-growing regions of the world (spirits and beer are also covered briefly), and culminates in a 50-question multiple-choice examination.

Do I need to prepare for the course?

We recommend a minimum study of 14 hours prior to commencing the course: you receive the book in advance so you can review the materials at your leisure.

What is the Chêne Bleu Extreme Wine Certificate for Applied Knowledge (CBEW)?

The CBEW is a proprietary certification designed to complement the systematic theoretical framework of the WSET. Specially devised elements have been added to bridge the gap between the essential knowledge of the WSET, and the practical experience of enjoying wine. We do this by combining hands-on learning in viticulture, winemaking, and wine-tasting with the pleasurable, sophisticated setting of a high-end boutique winery.

Our course content has been exclusively designed for us by Clive Barlow MW. The units include: projects in the vineyard, making your own assemblage, purchasing, ordering, and matching wine with food, as well as organizing and maintaining a cellar.

Who teaches your wine courses?

Extreme Wine is led by some of the most respected, accomplished and beloved instructors in the wine trade, such as Clive Barlow and Nick Dumergue, who between them have many decades of experience.

Clive Barlow MW has worked in the British wine trade since 1979, and became a Master of Wine in 1999. He has been associated with several leading British wine companies as a consultant and trainer, and now runs Press Wine Services. As Chairman of Education at the world-renowned Institute of Masters of Wine since 2005, he trains aspiring wine experts and leads international seminars for the Institute. He is also Panel Chair for the prestigious International Wine Challenge, Senior Judge for the Decanter Magazine competition, and teaches at the London Wine Academy.

Nick Dumergue is a talented tutor and enthusiastic communicator who hails from New Zealand, where he began his wine career in 1990 as a Sommelier. A regular judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards and International Wine Challenge in London. Currently based in Asia, he has worked a dozen vintages in nine countries, and has held several managerial, judging and teaching roles in Europe, Asia and Australia. He taught at the distinguished Wine Institute of Rome and has been on the selection teams for Platinum Wines in Hong Kong, Harrods in London and other exclusive organizations.