“The experience of Extreme Wine is second only to my honeymoon.”

Is the Extreme Wine course fee all-inclusive?

Unequivocally, yes. From the moment you arrive at La Verrière, everything is on us. Included: Globally respected tutors; official WSET and CBEW certification; top benchmark wines, cuisine by chefs trained in top Michelin-starred restaurants; materials and vineyard equipment, gracious and luxurious accommodation with state-of-the-art amenities; guest winemakers; private chateau visits; inviting recreational facilities (heated infinity pool, tennis, jacuzzi and more); a dedicated and attentive household staff...

... plus a few surprises for your pleasure - all are brought together to create an exceptional learning experience.

What size are the classes?

Small classes of typically 8-14 people allow us to tailor-make the content to the individual needs and wishes of each participant, regardless of their level of experience.

I'm a wine novice. Is this course too advanced for me?

Not at all. The course starts at a basic level but ramps up fast. As a beginner, you'll be given helpful material to read and tutoring sessions tailored to your particular needs. This builds your tasting skills and confidence in ordering and discussing wines with sommeliers and wine experts.

I'm an experienced collector. Is this course too basic for me?

Extreme Wine has led many world-class connoisseurs who have used our course to expand and reinforce their existing knowledge, learn to present wine or fill in the gaps in their experience.

How can you have mixed levels in the same class?

Personalized, one-on-one tutoring complements the classes. For example, while newcomers are focusing on basics, experienced collectors can enjoy an in-depth focus on a particular vintage. No question is too big or too small!

My wine knowledge is good, but my tasting skills are not.

Tasting sessions are a great part of the curriculum. Participants sit in self-selected groups, depending on personal perception of tasting skills. Tutors work separately with each group.

My palate is pretty good, but my knowledge of wine types and regions is limited.

Our lessons are an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge, not only because of the thorough overview of all wine regions and grape varieties, but also because of the world- class teaching provided by our experienced and dedicated instructors.

I don't like taking exams.

Not a problem! You don't have to take the exams, unless one day you intend to work in the wine trade (in which case it's very helpful to have WSET certification). However, we find our exams help you to retain the concentrated learning and consolidate your wine knowledge in a lasting manner.

Suppose I take the exam, but I don't pass?

The WSET exam papers are put straight into sealed envelopes and reviewed at the Trust's world headquarters in London. Results arrive confidentially in the post.

Passing is straightforward for anyone who has attended the course and reviewed the materials. It's also possible to pass with Distinction or Merit.

Do I have time to have fun?

Extracurricular activities reinforce your classroom learning: fun, creative exercises and unique wine games and surprises enhance the more formal learning parts of the course. After the exams there is time to relax in the luxurious surroundings and celebrate your achievements.

May my partner or close friend who is also interested in wine attend the course?

Yes. There are discounts for people attending together and/or sharing a room.

My partner wants to join me, but isn't interested in wine. Are there any separate plans available?

We have customized plans for accompanying friends/partners who do not take the course. For example, they can join for meals and outings, but participate in separate cultural or shopping trips suited to their interests.

If I take the course, can you find a roommate for me and offer a discount for sharing?

We will attempt to room you with another single participant and offer discounted rates accordingly.

Who will my classmates be?

Interest in improving one's wine knowledge cuts across a wide range of ages, nationalities, backgrounds and professions. For example, we rarely have more than one or two people from the same country.

Participants have come from places such as England, France, China, Brazil, Tunisia, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Hungary and the United States.

I'm interested in attending, but the dates don't suit my schedule.

We can organize Extreme Wine at other times of the year, depending on the availability of the instructors. If you put together a group of friends, colleagues or clients, we can host the course at your convenience.

Is a shorter course possible?

Yes. Tailored to suit your calendar, we also offer Extreme Wine Weekends, Masterclasses and other short courses. However, the 5-day course has been carefully calibrated to be comprehensive but compact.

Can I sponsor a Private Label course for my team or clients?

Yes, we can organize and/or brand this to suit your needs.

Is it always taught in English?

The course with the dates listed above is taught in English because it's widely considered the international Lingua Franca.

Custom courses can be taught in English in combination with your language of choice (for example, Mandarin, Russian, or French) with a qualified instructor/native speaker from that country. However, please note that the WSET exam is administered in English.